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The mysterious Stone of Destiny was deposited under Charles the throne

Only used for coronation

The mysterious “Stone of Destiny” was deposited under Charles’ throne

For hundreds of years, the mysterious Scottish “Destiny Stone” was in the hands of the English. Then it was brought back to Scotland – and now for the coronation of Charles III. He returned to England.


The mysterious stone of fate. He weighs about 150 kilograms (pictured in Westminster Abbey, 1937).

It is said that a legendary stone weighing 150 kilograms was used in the coronation of King Charles III. Put into use again. It is known as the “Stone of Destiny” or the Cake Stone, named after a small Scottish town. For centuries, it was above all a stumbling block between Scotland and England.

After the victory in the battle of 1296, the English stole the rectangular sandstone measuring 66 by 28 cm, and transported it to London. It remained there for 700 years, with one short interruption, until the English brought it back to Scotland in a party in 1996. It has since been shown at Edinburgh Castle. A spokeswoman for the Historic Places Association of Scotland confirmed on Sunday that Scotland will lend the stone to London for the coronation.