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The most exciting moment at Prince Philip's funeral

The most exciting moment at Prince Philip’s funeral

It is clear that an heir has been transferred to the throne

The eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Charles, seemed particularly touched before and during the funeral service. At the funeral procession, he went directly behind his father’s coffin and apparently fought back tears. He also seemed particularly impressed while on duty.

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An authored queen

As often, Queen Elizabeth II kept her cool at the funeral of her deceased husband. She sat alone in front of the church and carefully watched the service. Only three places his son Andrew has found a place for him. Unlike many other women, she did not wear a veil of mourning on her face. To cover her black mouth and nose with a white brim and black hat, she would occasionally wear reading glasses at church. With her head bowed, she read sermons and song texts. She walked from the car to her seat and was back only with the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Dean of Windsor by her side – without any support.

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United Brothers

At least since Prince Harry’s departure to the United States, the relationship between him and his older brother William has been strained. How the two will behave when they meet again has been impatiently waiting. The picture of how they walked behind the coffin as children after their mother Diana accidentally passed away in 1997 – at the time with their grandfather Philip – goes down in history. Now they followed Grandpa’s coffin together. What seemed formal before the service seemed a lot more relaxed afterwards. Television footage showed how Harry first spoke to William, Duchess of Kate’s wife, at the exit to St George’s Chapel. When William came, the three of them – Harry with a mask in the middle – walked across the floor.

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