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The modified Tesla tests the Model S engraved at Nürburgring >

After the record is – perhaps – before the record: In September, Tesla had one with one The Model S Plaid is the official best time for the electric series at the Nürburgring, Germany I pulled out, but the work there doesn’t end there. For several days, several ultra-fast electric cars have been on the road again on and around the circuit, a monitor reported to Of particular note is a sample with a highly adjustable rear wing.

Tesla’s new wing helps with corners

Local observer Stefan Balduf wrote to on Tuesday, that Tesla is currently working on the track with a 3-tier Model S. Because it was raining that day, only Teslas cars moved to the racetrack near the end – before that, they were on public roads . It is noteworthy here, according to Baldov: outside Nordschleife, all three are equipped with different rims and tires.

This indicates that Tesla’s current work at the Nürburgring is no longer limited to pure series vehicles. The blue color of the three-spoke S model seems to be the most modified, because where there is usually a solid rear spoiler, it has a movable spoiler. It can hardly be seen on the street from the Baldauf, because the aerodynamic element lies flat on the trunk lid. However, on the racetrack, according to the observer, the spoiler is always extended and stands almost vertically when braking.

That way, the Tesla can get the best of two worlds of spoilers, so to speak: less downforce and therefore higher top speed on straights, and more air pressure down the road when it comes to curves. In addition, the flat element at the back is so exposed to wind when braking that it can also support the friction brakes on the wheels.

Baldauf has not yet been able to monitor new record attempts with a blue Tesla with an active spoiler or other. He said the road was very wet on Tuesday. It wasn’t until early evening that two Model S Plaids were ever on the road. Unlike before, they would have completed up to two laps on Nordschleife before returning to Tesla’s base. This indicates that Tesla is also working on cooling its new Plaid electric cars.

Racetrack package for the Model S Plaid?

It is not currently clear what exactly the company plans to do at the Nürburgring. More scoring attempts are likely, but Tesla can no longer fit it into the Series category with the current mods. The other side was already likely The Model S Plaid Race Track Package is identical to the Model 3’s performance the speech. If you can order the active spoiler, special wheels and other possible, now unseen, ring additions directly from Tesla, it should meet the chainring definition again. The fact that the Model S with its striking rear bodywork is also being tested on public roads demonstrates this possibility.