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The Model S has no chance: Porsche EV destroys Tesla's record

The Model S has no chance: Porsche EV destroys Tesla's record

The race for the best lap time at the Nürburgring goes into the next round: Tesla's Model S and Porsche's Taycan have been rivals here for years. It is about the fastest electric car ever built in the series. The German sports car has now set a milestone with a prototype that Tesla will likely have to chew over for a long time.

Porsche Taycan gives Tesla Model S no chance at the Nürburgring

7:07.55 minutes, which is 7 minutes, 7 seconds, and 55 hundredths – Test driver Lars Kern no longer needs a new Taycan prototype to complete more than 20 kilometers on the Nürburgring Nordschleife. That's it A new record for electric cars at Porsche And it's more than just impressive. Because the Stuttgart team broke the previous record by 26 seconds – a huge leap forward.

The Taycan prototype doesn't just easily outperform its predecessors. Recently, a Tesla Model S completed the legendary track called “Green Hell” in 7:25.23 – that was also a very fast time. But Tesla now has to admit defeat by a narrow margin. Porsche had a lead of about 17 seconds.

“26 seconds is half an eternity in motorsport,” explains Kevin Jeck, president of the Taycan series, about the further development compared to his own record (Source: Porsche). So this is a lie “The Taycan is in the field of electric supercars.”

This is exactly what holds the official record for a mass-produced electric car at the Nürburgring. In the summer of 2023, the Rimac Nievera electric high-flying aircraft took the same path 7:00.298 minutes. So, even Porsche is still missing a significant portion of the way.

Anyone who finds it difficult to imagine the differences can take help from Porsche: at the moment when the current Taycan prototype rushed across the finish line, its predecessor was still more than 1.3 kilometers from the finish line during its record setting two years ago. .

With the Taycan series, Porsche already offers several versions:

Trailer for the Porsche Taycan Sport Turismo

The new Taycan and Macan go electric: Porsche relies more on electric cars

The rapid prototype is said to be one Pre-production version Represent. This indicates that Porsche may soon introduce a more powerful Taycan. The car manufacturer has not yet revealed any technical details about this matter. But one difference is already clear: the current record-breaking Taycan must have one Third electric motor were used, which is likely responsible for a large portion of the jump in performance.

In addition to the new Taycan, Porsche is preparing Launching its second electric model before. The Macan will soon become an electric car. This popular SUV is expected to raise battery electric vehicle sales figures among Stuttgart residents to new heights.