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The man behind Jeon Tears' success

The man behind Jeon Tears’ success

Sitting in the middle of the Swiss delegation on the couch in the Green Room, 30-year-old Wouter Hardy followed nearly 200 million TV viewers worldwide in thrilling third place at Gjon’s Tears up close. The Dutchman has a perfect nose for ESC songs: he wrote about his home country the winning title of the 2019 “Arcade” by Duncan Laurence (27) – and now for Gjon Muharremaj (22) and for Switzerland “Tout l’univers”.

“Duncan was my first assignment when I started my own business after completing my training at Rotterdam Conservatory,” says Hardy. “After winning with him, I really wanted to finish with the Economic and Social Council. I had no ambition to be a pure ESC producer. But when I heard the voice of Gjon, I was killed on the spot. I knew: I could work with her. “