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The 'Magic Duo' is torn apart

The ‘Magic Duo’ is torn apart

‘Magic duo’ ruptures: As Lorenzo Griffin leaves Chimgau’s baskets for the US in September, Kenan Peperovic remains loyal to TV Traunstein’s basketball players. After 14 years together in the USA, Native Americans and Serbs parted ways nowadays.


Top scorer Lorenzo Griffin moved from TSV Wasserburg to Traunstein in the fall of 2019 and has since played a crucial role in shaping the division as a youth player and coach. The experienced point guard delighted the crowd with his outstanding skills and led the team to the top of the Bayern league. Now the 33-year-old is returning to his hometown of California, Riverside. “It was not really an easy decision,” asserts the American. “The only reason is that my parents are getting older. My mother is 67, and my dad is 65.” During his 10 years in Germany, he lost a lot of time with his parents. Now Griffin wants to make up for it.

He also wants to get involved in the family business and relieve his parents there. “The coronavirus pandemic has brought me to this point where I understand the important role that family plays in my life.”

Griffin is excited about how the Chiemgau Baskets project has evolved during his two years at Traunstein. “Everyone works here very professionally,” he enthuses and thanks club officials, teammates and TVT fans for always welcoming him with open arms. “I really liked the atmosphere in Traunstein,” he confirms. Griffin promises he will always be one of the first to look up post-match stats on the weekend – especially from the teams he’s coached and played for himself. He smiles, “Now I am changing from a player and coach to a fan.”

For the head of the department and sporting director, Franz Bückenrieder, the departure of such an important player and coach means a bitter loss. He recalls his early days at TVT in 2019: “It was one of the first actions I took to get Lorenzo here. We worked very well together. He was an important pillar of our men’s team and coaching staff.” As a player, Griffin made the difference and often contributed on crucial points before Shortly after the final siren sounded, “But I can understand his decision very well.” “We wish Lorenzo all the best and success in the United States. Thank you for everything he gave us during his two years here! «

Baskets coach Louis Brantel has known Griffin since his time at TSV Wasserburg and has been with him for nine years. He also deeply regrets the American’s departure: “We would have liked to extend it, but we can fully understand its reasons and support it as well. We thank Zhou very much for his commitment as a player and coach. He will leave a huge gap in the team and as a coach in the youth field. We wish him all the best!”

Kenan Peperovich wishes the same for him, which Griffin was with on the field while he was college in Iowa. “If Zo was not back there from my roommate and on the field in September, it would definitely be weird,” the 34-year-old thinks. But I support his decision. We became a family in 14 years. That won’t change, no matter where our paths lead! “

Biperovich himself extended the term of the TVT by one year. He was born in Serbia and raised in Montenegro, Frankfurt and Los Angeles. In the United States he played in high schools and colleges. In 2012, the dual US-Serbian national moved to TSV Wasserburg, where he worked as a player, youth coach and referee as well as manager of the Bundesliga women’s team.

In Fall 2019, Griffin hired as player and youth coach for VTV Traunstein. With his physical presence, overview of the game and high quality of basketball, the multi-talented striker was an important part of Bayern’s squad and was able to instantly identify the accents and lead the team to third place in the league until the end of the season in Spring 2020.

“Everything has developed very positively at Traunstein since 2019,” said Pepirovic, justifying the extension of his contract. “There is a lot of ambition and hard work behind it. This is moving in the right direction. I am very satisfied with the past two years!” In addition, TVT officials have given him a lot of security during the long winter shutdown, while there has been uncertainty in the clubs In addition, the crowd in Traunstein is great. It impressed me when I played with Wasserberg here and that was the reason for me to move here. Here it goes! «Beberovic’s dream as a player now is to win Bayernliga with Chiemgau baskets and reach the second regional league. As coach For young people, he wants to bring many children into basketball and help them develop.”After all, you learn lifelong lessons in the game!” He is passionate about the positive impact of his great passion for basketball.

Franz Buckenrieder is pleased to be able to maintain an important pillar of the program with Pepirovic. “As coach C, he is also an important point of contact for our young players,” says the department head. “And as a player, he is an important pillar of the Bayern League team, and others can stand for him.” Biperovic is a stabilizer who always knows how to behave correctly in difficult competitive situations.

Head coach Luis Brantel also expressed his delight at the extension of Pepirovic: “This is also a positive sign in terms of the good work we are doing here – Keenan is staying, although his best friend, with whom he has played since 2007, is leaving the club. “Biperovic is a player with experience, discipline and ambition that is very important to the team. “He’s a leader on and off the field,” Brantel continues. “As a youth coach, I see it as very, very important. I am delighted that we are now entering our second year together!