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The Lufthansa Group Fleet: The Airbus A350 takes center stage in Switzerland

The Lufthansa Group Fleet: The Airbus A350 takes center stage in Switzerland

There is mounting evidence that Switzerland will become the second operator of the Airbus A350 in the Lufthansa Group. This could also have an impact on Austria.

The group’s fleet planners still have to solve a difficult task: how The best way to split Airbus A350 and Boeing 787 is among Lufthansa airlinesWhich will be delivered in the coming years? All that is known so far is that Lufthansa itself will operate both models.

Behind the scenes, Swiss is the preferred candidate for the A350. In the past few weeks, two managers from the Lufthansa group aeroTELEGRAPH confirmed that the Swiss airline could have no other choice than the Airbus A350. Because only on board can she continue to offer first class.

Airbus A350 is wider and longer

Compared to the Boeing 787, the A350 has a 19cm wider body and 12cm wider cabin. In addition, the 787-9 meter version ordered by Lufthansa is about four meters shorter than the A350-900. Both open up more room for the first order fixation.

Only a few airlines have so far offered the highest class of travel in the Dreamliner: Xiamen, Etihad, Oman, China Southern, and British Airways. And only the British fly in four seasons like Swiss it after the introduction of premium economy I want to do.

Lufthansa is already installing first class on the A350

In addition, Lufthansa is already studying the best way to install a first class in the Airbus A350-900. From July 2023 will Deploy ten A350s with the highest class of travel from Munich. Switzerland plans to replace the last five Airbus A340s from 2025.

If the Swiss definitely opt for the Airbus A350, the chances are that some of the Dreamliners will go to Austrian Airlines. The Boeing 787 is already a favorite of the Austrians. It’s about the size Perfect for orders in the Vienna center.

Large open orders

Lufthansa Group has ordered 25 Boeing 787-9s. The first five of these will go to Lufthansa itself in 2022. Nothing is officially known about the others.

The airline Lufthansa already has 17 A350-900s in its fleet. The group ordered another 28 aircraft from Airbus. join Four more A350s to be leased and operated by Lufthansa. I previously worked for Philippine Airlines.