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The Lords of the Fallen is getting a next-gen reboot

The Lords of the Fallen is getting a next-gen reboot

CI Games is showing the first trailer for “The Lords of the Fallen” at Gamescom’s nightly opening. Game replay is based on Unreal Engine 5.


The basics in brief

  • At Gamescom 2022, there was also the opening of Night Live this year with the first announcements.
  • CI Games also revealed the first trailer for “The Lords of the Fallen.”
  • It’s a next-generation reboot, a “spiritual successor” to the original.

Soon the movie “The Lords of the Fallen” will move to another round. Not with a brand new title, but with a comprehensive reboot. This contains CI Games’ game studio At the live night opening of Gamescom 2022 announced.

“The Lords of the Fallen”: thanks to the completely next generation of UE5

There was no gameplay yet to be seen, but an epic adTrailers for the game. who – which Dark fantasy action RPG It takes place more than a thousand years after the original release from 2014, and it also brings with it some innovations.

The game world is five times larger than the first title and there should also be online co-op. “The Lords of the Fallen is the spiritual successor that fans of the original title have always wanted,” said Cesar Virtuso, Creative Director.

The first trailer gives a preview of “The Lords of the Fallen.”

The entire game was made from the ground up New in Unreal Engage 5 advanced. So the game will be a next-gen exclusive when it’s released on PS5 X-Box Series X/S and PC. However, the developer has not yet announced the exact release date.

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