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The longest bus journey in the world runs from Istanbul to London

The longest bus journey in the world runs from Istanbul to London

Expensive pleasure

The World’s Longest Bus Journey Takes 56 Days – Would You Ride It?

From Istanbul to London: The longest bus ride in the world not only takes you on a journey across Europe, but also takes you to yourself.


The final destination of the longest bus journey in the world is London. Before you reach the goal, you must first cover 12,000 km.

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Do you like road trips?? Then what is said to be the longest bus ride in the world is just right for you. The adventure called Bus to London starts on the 7th of August in Istanbul and ends after 56 days on the 1st of October in London. During this time, the bus covers more than 12,000 km and crosses 22 countries.

Highlights include the ferry crossing across the Gulf of Finland, and Hunt the Northern Lightsvisit the northernmost point of Europe – the Northern Cape – cruise and explore different cities in the Balkans, the Baltic countries, Scandinavia, Eastern and Western Europe.

Once (almost) across Europe: This is the route of the longest bus ride in the world.

The cost of a bus trip is $25,000 per person (22,000 CHF). Prices include daily breakfast, €30 lunch and dinner and all hotel accommodation in double rooms. However, space in the luxurious and comfortable bus is limited: only 30 participants can get a seat.

The bus seats are with adjustable seats and ample legroom.

Road Trips aims to change lives

Behind the trip is the Indian company Adventures Overland, which was founded by Sanjay Madan and Tushar Agarwal in 2012. According to the website, the duo organizes “life-changing road trips” as well as “cross-border trips” on six continents.

It’s not just about getting to know new people and cultures and discovering unexplored territories, it’s about encountering yourself on the journey.

The bus to London also wants to break the current world record for the longest bus trip: according to the “Guinness Book of Records”, this is 6,200 kilometers in 104 hours. A ride called Trans Oceancia leads from Lima, Peru to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Are you going to take the longest bus journey in the world?

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