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“The Lion’s Den”: Dagmar Worl leaves her place in tears

It rarely happens in the “lion’s den”: not only is a TV celebrity like Martin Rutter himself giving their shows, but investors are also moved in tears. Dementia is about personal history and Rotter can tell from his life about why he’s participating in today’s startup program. But there are other interesting shows in the October 3 episode.

Echo: Ball Against Dementia

Martin Rutter is no stranger to Wex, but the fact that today he is seen not as a trainer for dogs and humans at the station, but as the son of a mother with dementia, relates to the nascent Project Echo. . He found out when he made a documentary about his mother, who had dementia. Not only do he and the team tell his story, but all the other founders have relatives with dementia. This moves the lions to tears, and Dagmar Forel has to leave her place crying, but remains in the room: “I lost my mother to dementia,” she explains after she returns. Rutter understands it well, and he felt the same way when he made his mother’s illness public to bring attention to the matter.

The programmable Ichó ball plays music and lights up in different colors and offers various games to improve the cognitive performance of people with dementia. They understand ball and colors quickly and spontaneously, so not only should they be given a chance to keep themselves occupied, but their mind should also be helped. “A real game-changer that has become a very important tool for us as a family and especially for people with dementia,” says Rütter, in describing the product. It should be 1.5 million euros for 15% of the company. Who enters?

SilkslidePro: Simply remove nose hair

Alexander Weiss wanted to remove his nose hair, but was not satisfied with the offered products, so he developed for himself: SilkslidePro is a kind of wet nose shave, however, it removes only the outer hair, and the inner hair is important for the nose. The blades are protected and users can use them to gently remove their hair. Since he believes in his product, he wants 250 thousand euros of lions for 20 percent of the company. is anybody there?

Origin of this post “When Martin Rutter Speaks, Dagmar Worl Leaves Her Seat in Cry” from Feature TV Film.