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The Liechtenstein bank headed by the future HSG rector loses its CEO

The Liechtenstein bank headed by the future HSG rector loses its CEO

Surprisingly, Neue Bank in Liechtenstein loses its boss. Now a board of directors is required around the Swiss economist Manuel Amann.

Marcel Lochinger, Chief Executive Officer of Liechtenstein new Seat, He resigns from office with immediate effect. This was a statement from the company in Vaduz.

According to the report, the 56-year-old manager decided to look for a new challenge outside the bank. It appears that he resigned. He was released with immediate effect.

The board of directors is about the president manuel Amann, Known in Switzerland as a finance scientist at the University of St Gallen (HSG) – he will take up the post of dean there in February – he must start looking for a new CEO. It added that the current administration would take over Loeschinger’s previous duties on a temporary basis.

Previously at VP Bank

The retiring president assumed the role of CEO in September 2021, just as it was then mentioned. Previously, he ran the institute’s family office and broker divisions after moving to the institute from local competitor VP Bank.

Under Löchinger, who also led the rebranding of the family-owned business last year, Banque Neue has been moving at a certain pace. And in 2022, which was not easy for the private banks, the institute was able to report a 15 percent increase in its profits to the value of 8.8 million Swiss francs. Assets under management at what claims to be the country’s fourth-largest bank fell slightly to CHF5.8 billion.

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