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The letter is of concern to EU citizens in Great Britain

EU citizens in Great Britain are shocked by the letter from the UK Home Office these days. They seemed to have to fear for their rights.

The UK Home Office has some legitimacy England Living Me-Citizens notified by post that their rights in the country may be in jeopardy. In the letter, the company quoted “the3million” on Twitter as saying: “You can no longer work or use public services.” To the solution level.

However, the letter was sent to many who had long held this status. The settlement plan is aimed at citizens from the European Union who have already qualified for the finals Proxy Those who lived in the country were guaranteed the same rights they had before leaving the EU.

“Anti-immigration regime”

“What is happening to EU citizens in Britain is inconsistent with the British government’s friendly statements,” said Mike Bone, the organization’s founder. If they do not stand in line on long, limited telephone lines, the contacted EU citizens will feel the “full severity of the hostile immigration regime.” The Home Ministry should be responsible for its adequate data management and the way it communicates.

Alice, 41, has been living in Great Britain for eleven years, fearing the consequences and not wanting to reveal her full name and nationality. She received a letter even though she and her three children had valid residence status. When she read the letter, she almost panicked, she told the DPA. “It’s really worrying. I do not feel safe.”

The British Home Office has confirmed that letters will be mailed to “those who have yet to apply”. A spokesman said valid tenants do not have to re-apply. However, you will need to be contacted to update the database.