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The leak gives information about performance

The leak gives information about performance

In fact, the Microsoft Surface Pro 8 should not be presented until Wednesday. The leak already reveals about what we can expect.

The basics in brief

  • Microsoft Surface Pro 8 will be officially presented on September 22nd.
  • According to the leak, the tablet comes with two Thunderbolt ports.
  • In addition, a refresh rate of 120 Hz is supported for the first time.

subordinate Twitter– The “Shadow_Leak” account has posted an ad poster for the Microsoft Surface Pro 8. This actually will Not until September 22 formally introduced.

However, we now already know that the part containing a file Intel Corporation Eleventh generation Core processor pre-installed windows 11 It won’t be a surprise when windows 11 release around the corner.

In addition, the Microsoft Surface Pro 7, like the Surface Pro X, will have swappable hard drives and a 13-inch screen. However, the 120Hz refresh rate and Thunderbolt connection are brand new. The predecessor came with a measurement of 12.3 inches and a refresh rate of 60 Hz.

There will also be information on the Surface Pro X successor on Wednesday. It can be assumed that it will get the latest generation of ARM chip and also a higher refresh rate.

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