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The lawyer now takes Patrick Dahlmann’s place

The lawyer now takes Patrick Dahlmann’s place

All twenty seats on Torgelow City Council were again filled. The place of Patrick Dahlmann (SPD) in the city parliament was taken by attorney Petra Müller (SPD list), who could no longer be Torgelo’s representative due to the move to Monkepod. The state parliamentarian and head of the Schwerin chancellery resigned at the end of the year. He is now a homeowner in Mönkebude.

A by-election is required for the Finance Committee

Mayor Heike Runge (SPD) obliged the new city representative to conscientiously fulfill her duties at the last meeting with a handshake. This is required by the municipal constitution. Petra Mueller works at the law firm of Mueller & Widener in Torgelo. She was born in Neustrelitz in 1955 and has been admitted to the bar since 1981.

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With her accession to the City Council, there was also a by-election for the Finance Committee, where Petra Müller was previously active as a knowledgeable evaluator. I resigned from the board of directors. Torsten Bröcker-Stellwag (SPD) was chosen for it as an informed evaluator. He is already a member of the Construction Committee and has now replaced Petra Müller as deputy member of the Social Committee.