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The Last of Us 3 – Floor Plan for Part 3 already exists: The story can continue

Hardly any game has sparked such divided opinions in the past year The Last of Us Part 2. Game developers Naughty Dog and Neil Druckmann had to listen a lot at the time. Druckmann, who led the project and contributed to the written model, has repeatedly shown in the past how important diversity in his personalities and the general representation of minorities is to him. But Ashley Johnson (Blind spotAnd the The decisive role), Who gave Elle her appearance and voice, repeatedly expressed her enthusiasm in interviews: “I’m so proud to bring this character to life. To be able to. “

The second part did not do well with everyone

“I love Elle and I think it’s very helpful for people to see characters like her in video games. It really feels like you have a young gay woman and lead people.” But some fans don’t seem to recognize the word “real” in particular The Last of Us Part 2 To be able to connect.

The Last of Us Part 2 She just doesn’t have fans. © Sony

According to consensus, the current tendency to accommodate all cultures and sexual orientations in games and movies is highly artificial and compulsory. Half of the respondents were “only” of this view The last of usPlayer, but so loud that a real dirty storm roars around. The other half liked the plot and would welcome a third branch – exactly what could happen in the foreseeable future.

The Creator already knows what to do next

Im a podcast Scenario regardless Druckmann revealed that he and co-author Haley Gross (WestworldAnd the Emerald CityThey’ve already written an outline for a second sequel:

“I have no idea how much I would like it to be revealed and revealed. Hale and I have already planned a story that we are not currently working on. However, I hope that one day that changes. It will relate to events that occurred after the end of Part Two.” Druckmann said in Interview In both cases, many years must pass by We last part 3 Come on the market.

The Last of Us roams through a devastated United States of America. © Sony

After all, there were at least seven years between Part 1 and Part 2. Since games from Naughty Dog are always so complex and inward-looking, the desire for perfection dominates the work atmosphere, it’s impossible to expect a quick shot here. Much patience is required of fans who remain interested in the series.

But the desire for more is undeniable. The sequel was sold about 2.8 million times in the first month after its release – it was the best start to an exclusive title on PlayStation 4. Can this great success be repeated with the third branch of a potential trilogy? Time will tell.

Momentan soll Naughty Dog an A remake of PlayStation 5 from the beginning The last of us Working in parallel with the launch of HBO Eponymous series It could enter the market.

Eli has to make many difficult decisions. © Sony

Posted on 04/30/2021 by Carmine Carpinetto

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