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The large spider presses through the closed door

The large spider presses through the closed door

While traveling through Australia, a couple is constantly visited by giant spiders in their van. Relaxation is different.

Even closed vehicle doors cannot stop the predatory spider. – TikTok / @gawnedsgapyear

Briefly essential

  • Native to Australia, predatory spiders like to be comfortable at home.
  • As a couple have discovered, animals can also interact with vehicles.
  • One of the spiders even pressed through the closed door.

Australia is known for its biodiversity. Numerous – relatively large – arachnids also belong to the country. One of them is the “hunter” spider or the predatory spider, its bite There is no danger to life, however Is painful.

Arachnid wants to be indoors. A couple recently discovered that these little creatures also like vans. Your car is besieged by many predatory spiders.

“I am the spider god”

One of them even manages to enter the van through the closed door. Armed with a stick, the two are able to free their vehicle from spiders.

Two days later (video 0:28) one of the spiders is back in the vehicle comfortably. Man Zooms in and out “You’re kidding,” he says. Only his wife says: “I can not sleep like this.”

Do you like spiders?

She picks up a tupperware and says: “One of us has to be brave now. It’s not you.” She is like an animal Stay away, she’s sure: “I’m a spider.” Their goal: to receive uninvited guests “far, far away”.

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