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The kidnapped Princess of Dubai, Latifa, has been bugged

The kidnapped Princess of Dubai, Latifa, has been bugged

It appears that Princess Latifah’s cell phone has been bugged by a spyware. So far it is not clear who spied on Dubai Royal.

The basics in brief

  • Dubai Princess Latifa’s phone was said to have been spied on and tapped.
  • The Pegasus spyware from the Israeli NSO Group is to blame.
  • A total of thousands of celebrities are said to have been tracked using this spyware.

And the next stage is already on its way Dubai princess scandal Nice (35) in! But this time the refugee Haya Bint Al Hussein, 47, the former wife of Dubai ruler Mohammed bin Rashid, 72, was also affected. Both their phone numbers were found in a list where they shouldn’t be.

The Israeli technology company NSO Group has developed the Pegasus spyware. With their help, 50,000 phone numbers – including those of the princesses – were said to have been spied on.

Now there is a question: Princess has become cute Being actively monitored and bugged by an unknown NSO government agent without noticing anything? So far, the tech giant has denied all the allegations.

Do you think Princess Latifa was wiretapped?

but Monday Members of the royal family from the East They are not the only ones according to newspaper reportsتقارير promiseWho has been targeted: Rumor has it that thousands of celebrities are being spied on by Pegasus. Israeli Government Take a closer look at the NSO group, like «BBC» Make it public.

Latifa first made headlines in February when a video of her appeared on Internet circulated. In it, she revealed that she was one of them the fatherSheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Caught in Dubai Takes place. The Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates should not take his daughter out of the city of millions. Your escape attempt failed in 2018.

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