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The Keystone XL pipeline project finally failed

The oil pipeline project, which was fought by environmental activists, was finally halted by its operators. The Biden government withdrew permission to build its predecessor.

Team Canada D.C. Energy America has halted construction of the controversial oil pipeline Keystone XL under pressure. The company said Wednesday (local time) that it had notified the government of the Canadian province of Alberta of a “suspension and withdrawal” from the project. DC will coordinate with energy regulators, indigenous groups and other stakeholders “to meet its environmental and regulatory obligations”.

Beginning in 2023, Keystone XL was to transport approximately 830,000 barrels of crude oil daily from the tar sands in Alberta to refineries in the US state of Texas. The Canadian government has explicitly approved the project, with supervisory authorities already making progress in 2010.

However, environmentalists have repeatedly warned of the catastrophic consequences of possible pipeline leaks and complained fundamentally about the climate damage caused by the complex process of extracting oil from tar sand. Indigenous groups that had to cross the pipeline also continued to mobilize against it.

President of the United States Joe Biden In his first day in office in January, he revoked approval for the pipeline, thereby fulfilling an election campaign promise. His predecessor Donald Trump Approved the project.