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The kangaroo on the roof stunned the Australian fire brigade

During this mission, firefighters initially thought it was a joke: to rescue a distressed kangaroo from the roof.

Lost on a kangaroo roof in the Australian state of Queensland. – Facebook / @LandlineABC

Briefly essentials

  • A kangaroo in Australia fell on the roof of a house.
  • The fire department initially thought someone was making fun of the call.
  • Eventually she left – helping the kangaroo.

In Australia, firefighters are busy putting out wildfires. Most recently, however, an unusual phone call made a difference in the daily lives of firefighters in a city in the state of Queensland: “I have a kangaroo on my roof, it will not come down!” He said that. Another end of the line.

Suspicion first for firefighters – A kangaroo A roof? It was only when they saw this with their own eyes that the emergency services were able to believe it.

Patrick Buck of the local fire department told ABC News: “When we got the call we thought it was a joke. But when we got there it was actually on the roof.

Despite initial suspicions, emergency services were used with belts and other rescue equipment. However, in the end, many devices are not required. Because: The kangaroo jumped Automatically from the roof into a bush.

“Quite a scene”

An eyewitness is excited about the firefighters. She reports to the portal: “A young man climbed on the saddle and walked slowly towards the kangaroo. To jump from the back of the house, it was very safe to fall.

Have you ever been to Australia?

“It was a scene. Everyone was amazed and ran with their cameras,” the woman said.

Glad everyone involved Took the story A happy ending. How the kangaroo climbed to the roof of the house remains a mystery.

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