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The international community has called for a ‘fair and impartial test’ on former Bolivian President Jeanine ez

United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Bolivia (OHCHR), the European Union (EU) and the United States this Saturday called on the La Paz government to respect the proper course of action against the former interim president. Genine ez. Politically arrested, there is said to be a “conspiracy” against Evo Morales In 2019.

Requested by the UN Mission in Bolivia Twitter The appropriate process must be protected against Áñez and other politicians accused of “treason and terrorism”, which means ensuring that every person has adequate security and is subject to fair, independent and impartial investigation, in which the process is publicized and no ambiguous or disproportionate crimes are used. “

For his part, the High Representative for EU Foreign Policy, Joseph BorelHe said he “follows the events in Bolivia.”

“Charges for 2019 events In order to respect the independence of the powers, it must be resolved within the framework of transparent justice and without political pressure. Conversation and harmony are very important. The European Union (EU) will continue to support Bolivia, “said Borel Twitter.

Julie Chung, “Many Americans and the United States know from experience the need to continue to defend and renew democratic government,” said the US Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere.

We call on all our friends in Bolivia and our neighbors to protect all civil rights and due process guarantees. The US Conference on Human Rights and the Principles of the US-US Democracy Charter. ” Twitter.

னிez was arrested in the Beni Amazon region this Saturday morning and transferred by helicopter from the Bolivian Air Force to La Paz. Two former ministers were arrested in the same region on Friday and taken to La Paz. The former president and former ministers have been accused of “treason and terrorism” during the 2019 crisis.