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The image shows the moon with a unique level of detail

The image shows the moon with a unique level of detail

© Andrew McCarthy/Connor Mathern

astrophotographers Andrew McCarthy And the Conor Mathern They released what they call a “ridiculously detailed image” of the moon. They worked on this photo for two years 200,000 frames consists. It was recorded in one evening, superimposed and the overall picture was finally edited.

“Everything is put together like a mosaic and each tile is made of thousands of pictures”, McCarthy told NPR.

Oxidation by oxygen atoms from the earth

who – which 174 megapixel result The moon appears in various shades of red and gunmetal blue. These are from iron and silicate minerals feldsparMcCarthy explains on Twitter, it’s oxidizing due to oxygen atoms roaming from Earth.

While we tend to see the Moon from Earth as a silver ball, these colors are technically the true tones of Earth’s satellite. However, in order to get it out better, the image was saturated in processing.

According to the photographer’s team, the photo is a declaration of love for the upcoming photo Artemis mission 1. On August 29, an unmanned test flight of space launch system. Futurezone has been reported.