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The idea was quickly implemented: a festive sports ball in Diepholz

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from: Eberhard Jansen

At the last winter ball of the Saint-Germain Rowing and Tennis departments: the then department heads Wolfgang Sehr (rowing, left) and Dieter Tintelnow (tennis, right) with Sketsch partners Karin Möller and Mike Möller. © Archives / Dufner

Ladies in evening dresses, gentlemen in dark suits, live band and buffet: there will be a classic ball again in Diepholz – a sports ball. This idea came to life on Sunday evening in Mühlenkamphalle, where the HSG Hunte-Aue Löwen handball team won again. Tanja Kurth, handball fan and Lohner Sportgala enthusiast for years, spoke to HSG sponsor Andreas Pörschke about the idea of ​​a ball on the sidelines of the game. The Diepholz entrepreneur is not only known for speaking, but for doing: He immediately shared the idea on social media, immediately met with a great response and proceeded to organize a new Diepholz Sports Ball on Monday.

Diepholz — “The ball will take place on May 13,” Borschke, known for aid trips to Ukraine with HSG sponsor team buses, was able to announce a date for Monday afternoon. The site of the festive event will be the “Residenz” festival hall at Junkernhäuser Weg 6 in Diepholz.

May 13 in the festival hall “Residenz”

After hearing several spontaneous voices of support with tips for implementation on the phone and reading them on the Internet, Pörschke plans a public ball with about 350 guests. As it stands, entry including buffet should cost around 70€ (without drinks). Pre-sale points still have to be determined.

Sports revenues in Dieepholz

What is important for businessman Diepholz: “Money should not be made from the ball!” According to Borschke, any proceeds should benefit the sport in Diepholz. The members of the board of directors of the Diepholzer sports clubs must now give advice on how and how to participate in the project. According to Pörschke, who sees no problem in finding a dance group for the event, the festive ball aims to promote the sport in Diepholz and bring in new sponsors.

Earlier there were a lot of balls

There were a lot of balls in Diepholz, especially in the fall and winter. Shooting balls remained. For various reasons, other festive dance events have been discontinued. The Bundeswehr site ball at the air base, which stands out as a social event from the Diepholz club balls, was last organized about ten years ago. In the field of sports, the rowing and tennis department of SG Diepholz has organized a joint winter ball for many years. As visitor interest waned, this latest version was released in January 2004 at the Castendieck Hotel ballroom. Then it was the 25th ball for the two SG divisions, so the “Silver Wedding” was chosen as the motto.

With an upscale atmosphere

Now athletes and other guests can gather again for a celebratory event with a sophisticated atmosphere. Because when Andreas Borschke sets himself one thing, he gets it done — watch his travels to embattled Ukraine. Ball’s plan was also met with open ears at Fördergemeinschaft Lebendiges Diepholz. “We covered exactly this topic in our group of events,” wrote board member Stephanie Trops-Kotemann to Andreas Pörschke on Facebook. Now you want to meet…