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The Huawei P50 with HarmonyOS finally has history

The Huawei P50 with HarmonyOS finally has history

We usually see Huawei’s flagship P quite early, and it often comes as early as spring to compete against Samsung’s flagship. But everything is different this year, because Huawei made a fresh start.

Huawei P50 series with HarmonyOS

Instead of Android, HarmonyOS will be used for the first time on a new smartphone, so the P series has been delayed. But now there is a date: on July 29, Huawei will present the new flagship series with HarmonyOS.


Is Huawei P50 Pro coming, Which Huawei officially showed by the way, also to Germany? We don’t know that at the moment, because Europe is no longer in the focus of Huawei and then there is the “chip problem”.

Huawei P50 Render from OnLeaks

Huawei not only has to struggle with chip shortages like everyone else, it almost no longer has Kirin chips, and now it has to rely on Qualcomm. Here, however, they are only allowed to use 4G chips, as 5G chips have been banned.

So the question arises whether Huawei, which has always been widely advertising with 5G, will introduce a 4G flagship in Europe. At a time when even entry-level models already had 5G. We will definitely find out soon.

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