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The heat next week: Fridolin’s rise extends into summer – Meteorology

Even on weekends, it rains and thunders over and over again. But the event will be on Monday when Tief Manfred comes with thunderstorms coming from the northwest. At the same time, violent thunderstorms occur in the south, where there are still warm air masses. This could also be a storm. There is heavy rain and hail.

After Monday, temperatures will begin to drop. While the maximum values ​​on the weekend exceeded 30 degrees, they barely exceeded 20 degrees on the Rhine on Tuesday. So there is a decrease in temperature.

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Cool in the north, warm again more quickly in the south

Tief Manfred leaves quickly, because Hoch Fridoline is the weather master for Central Europe. And as always, when a hike comes in from the west, Germany is initially on the cold side and receives some northwestern air.

That means Wednesday temperatures are close to 20 degrees. However, Fridolin also ensures plenty of sunshine. However, there may be fog in the morning, and in the evening it quickly becomes relatively cold again. So you can’t wait for the balmy summer nights anymore.

Hoch Fridoline brings new heat

However, the prospects are good, because Germany is surrounded by warm air, so to speak. Hoch Fridoline is slowly but surely turning towards the North Sea and Scandinavia. This means that warm air can come to us again. Especially in the south and west, warm air becomes noticeable with warmer temperatures in the second half of the week. From Thursday until 25 degrees are possible again and from Friday the values ​​​​rise again to 30 degrees.

In the north and east, it remains a little colder: by the end of next week, maximum values ​​u200bu200bwill reach only 20 degrees. This is not exactly the height of August. In the north there are also more clouds and so there is less sun. In general, the weather is not bad, but a little capricious and relatively cold.

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The Azores became strong high

Although cold, you should not write off the summer just yet. Since it is only mid-August, one can assume that it will be warm again across the country. In fact, some weather models still show new warmth or even new heat in August, but accurate data on this is not yet possible.

The current cold wave is associated with Tief Manfred with new and strong high pressure areas over Western Europe. The plane weakened and the Azure Peak became strong. So it cools, especially in northern and eastern Europe. The high pressure in Russia is over for now and we can hope the high pressure will also extend to central Europe. If that happens, we still have a few nice, dry days or weeks ahead.

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