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The health crisis caused by Covit-19 is being borne by two other ministers in Brazil

The health crisis, so far unavoidable Brazil, Continued to politically attack the government Jair Bolzano, Who lost two strategic ministers of foreign affairs and defense in a matter of hours, amid criticism of the government’s administration Govit-19 By the factors of power in the citizens and now in Brasilia.

At the end of the day, this Monday, March 29, Bolzano took a political step to publicly mitigate the crisis by making several casts and ministerial changes. However, The president has lost one of his “hawks”, Foreign Minister Ernesto Arazo, a kind of ideologue of Bolsanaro’s radical positions.

Arazo’s head, according to various media outlets in Brazil, was demanded by Bolzano’s allies in Congress, where he does not have a majority of his own. While the impact of the Govt-19 epidemic is unstoppable, power factors in Brasilia have called into question the government’s health policy. Brazil is currently the global hub for the corona virus.

Now lawmakers are blaming the former foreign minister for his ideological stance, which prevented him from signing comprehensive agreements for mass production of the Sinovac vaccine from Brazilian soil. Bolzano made a speech against Chinese immunizations a few months ago, confronting the governor of S பாo Paulo, Joao Toria, who has implemented a state vaccination program in partnership with Chinese companies.

After the resignations of Arazo and General Fernando Acevedo, who was defense minister, Bolzano sought to alleviate the crisis, and spokesmen at the government palace, Planaldo, pointed out that this was a restructured decision by the president. According to analysts, Bolsanaro carried out operations in six key ministries in accordance with the allocation of the Armed Forces and its allies.

Meanwhile, Acevedo was forced to resign by the president, who responded to reports of subordination to the press about the benefits of the military after he foretold social isolation, the mask and the third wave. Bolsanaro has rejected WHO recommendations to prevent Covit-19, while the vaccine against the corona virus is in doubt.

Gen. Walter Zosa Prague Neto, who has been described by various military analysis publications as Brazil’s “operational leader”, is now the new defense minister. He was the first man in uniform to hold the presidency since the days of the military dictatorship (1964-1985), and was appointed by Bolzano in February last year.

According to the Foreign Ministry, Carlos Alberto Franco, who presided over the ceremony at the presidency, was appointed head of foreign policy following the defeat of Arazo’s resignation. According to other diplomats in the position of ambassadors, it is consulted by influential people Newspaper, The new president has little intelligence, no better career.

Like the recent appointment of Health Minister Marcelo Guerrero, the new Brazilian foreign minister has maintained ties with Bolzano’s family in Brasilia.

The political crisis, set against the backdrop of the lack of a realistic health strategy in dealing with the progression of the epidemic, casts a shadow over the uncertainty and instability in the Bolsanaro administration.

According to the Datafolha Institute, 54% of Brazilians did not approve of the president’s administration during the health crisis this March, indicating an increase associated with a 48% rejection of a similar poll last January.

Over the past two weeks, unfortunately, Brazil has been setting its own new records in terms of deaths from Covit-19. According to the National Council of Health Secretaries (a federal body), the South American company’s death toll rose to 2,634 on March 29, a one-day unprecedented number.

There have been nearly 314,000 deaths in Brazil, while 12.5 million people have been affected.

Brazil, on the other hand, received the announcement that it could count on that country with confidence “100% Brazilian” Govt vaccine, Baptized as Buttonwalk. However, in the best cases the massive use of these vaccines will begin in July.

The success of the scheme, on the other hand, would be an insult to Bolsanaro because his political rival, Governor Toria, the best promoter of the scheme, insisted that the 100 million dose be available in December.