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The Haslen Music Society celebrated the new instruments

The Haslen Music Society celebrated the new instruments

The Hasslers don't need to be taught how to party, as they prove once again with this three-day extravaganza. It began on Friday evening with the largest “class assembly ever,” to which all students from the years 2024 to 2005 were invited.

Another highlight followed on Saturday with the sponsorship event. After an appetizer, guests were treated to an exquisite three-course meal. Delicious musical dishes were also served between the menu courses. It was started by a group of young wind players, the youngest of whom you could barely see behind the music stand. MG Haslen was no less exciting with its new 'Guuge' brand, which was introduced and detailed in a very entertaining way. Not only are the instruments new, but so is the conductor Andreas Köhler, who conducts the band in a very energetic way.

Between the musical pieces there was an interesting talk with guests of honor such as District Councilor Christina Suter, young brass director Bruno Rechsteiner and Pascal Bro. Gisela Healy led this tour so charmingly and quick-witted that the audience was able to laugh heartily several times. The festival program ended very quickly with a famous pop song, but very angrily.

After President Guido Enawin thanked the OK team for their great work, the stage became the property of the Hasler Impromptu members. The “two-man band” with Silvio Bischoff and Pascal Knechtel captivated the festive audience. This means that it has completely reached the appropriate operating temperature for the evening at par. The Maypole Festival was held there in the evening, with some of the guest clubs making a big appearance. The evening was celebrated with a “Jack Russell collar” and Sunday was especially reserved for families. For them, Marius and the Hunting Chapel, one of the most famous children's bands in Switzerland, took the stage. This marked the end of the lavish festival of new instruments.