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The Harry Potter author insists there is a difference between men and women

The Harry Potter author insists there is a difference between men and women

Harry Potter author JK Rowling may be the target of the most ridiculous police investigation in a long time.

The 58-year-old English woman is arguably the most powerful voice in the world when it comes to standing up for women and protecting women's spaces from men (including trans women). That's why her critics call her “transphobic.”

But in reality, Rowling simply insists that the basis of all human life is that men and women are biologically different. But this trivial statement actually does not fit with the spirit of the times.

Rowling refuses to reconsider her position, and thus enters the orbit of the “crime.” In England, police launched an investigation into “pronouns and gender identity.” Transsexual India Willoughby – a man who claims to be a woman – revealed in an interview with Byline TV that the police were called because Rowling refused to refer to Willoughby as a woman.

The UK's first transgender TV reporter now wants the authorities to take action against Rowling who has publicly spoken out: “This is a hate crime and should be treated in the same way as someone calling a black man the N-word or an Asian man using the N-word.” “P-word (derogatory term for Pakistanis),” Willoughby demanded.

In the UK, people can be prosecuted for “hostility on the basis of their transgender identity,” the same TV report said. Or in other words: a tribute to Swiss freedom of expression. Imagine being arrested because you refuse to believe that a man is a woman.