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The Guatemalan president did not want to go to the US summit

The Guatemalan president did not want to go to the US summit

After tensions with the US government, Guatemalan President Alejandro Chiamate has ruled out attending the US summit in Los Angeles in June. The Conservative head of state and government of the Central American country said in a televised event on Tuesday that he was not going to go there. He added that he had told the US ambassador that Guatemala might be smaller. The country should be respected as long as he is president. He would not have been invited to the summit anyway, the 66-year-old, who will be in office from 2020, he said.

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  • On Monday, Giamotto confirmed that Attorney General Consul Boras will be in office for another four years.

The U.S. State Department later announced a U.S. travel ban on Borros and her husband and said it would consider further sanctions. “During his tenure, Boras has repeatedly blocked and denigrated anti-corruption investigations in Guatemala in order to protect his political allies and gain unnecessary political gain,” the statement said. Last year, the U.S.Government Boras has already been added to the list of corrupt officials in Central America.

The US Summit is scheduled for June 6-10 in Los Angeles. As promised by the US State Department representative – the presidents of Mexico and Bolivia have already raised questions about attending the meeting if not invited to Cuba or other countries. Senior U.S. OfficerGovernment He did, however, try to persuade on Monday that the decisions on the summit invitations had not yet been finalized.

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