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The Great Red Spot is deeper than expected

The Great Red Spot is deeper than expected

Jupiter’s “Great Red Spot” is the largest hurricane in the solar system. The new data shows how deep the storm is on the planet.

The basics in brief

  • Jupiter’s “Great Red Spot” has a diameter of 3,000 to 5,000 km.
  • It is the largest high pressure region in the entire solar system.
  • Apparently, the height of the anticyclone is also from 200 to 500 km.

In 1830 at the latest, the “Great Red Spot” of Jupiter was discovered. where Astronomers are watching almost continuously. It’s a huge tornado – oval and about one and a half times bigger than that Earth in diameter.

Anticyclone means something like a high pressure area. The largest in the entire solar system is located on Jupiter.

Are you interested in astronomy?

Since 2016 it has been Jupiter from a NASA probe Juno surrounded a circle. Juno means: the polar, tropical Jupiter. After Galileo (1989 to 2003), it is the second space probe From the orbit of Jupiter Collect search data.

It is precisely this probe that researchers should thank for a new discovery: As Science reports, the Great Red Spot is much deeper than expected: the giant storm is likely to reach between 200 and 500 kilometers inside the planet.

How did scientists come to this conclusion? They analyzed microwave radiation from inside the planet. Based on this, they can infer information about the atmosphere.

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