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The government should reconsider the Rümelinsplatz . project

The government should reconsider the Rümelinsplatz . project

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Two ginkgo trees must go: The Great Council says yes to the redesign of Rümelinsplatz

More seats, no more steps: it will make Rümelinsplatz in downtown Basel even more attractive. But the Great Council is troubled by two trees being cut down.

The two ginkgo trees on Rümelinsplatz are expected to fall victim to the redesign. Basswood trees may remain (at the back). The neighborhood association defends itself against cutting.

Kenneth Nars

Rümelinsplatz and the adjacent streets will become an attractive meeting place. According to the government council, the redesign project could cost 4.4 million francs. It is now up to the Great Council to approve the report.

Most agree that Rümelinsplatz, which was last renovated in 1970, is worth a fresh coat of paint. More than 50 years ago, the place was designed so that there was room for traffic. The sidewalks still remind us of this day. Due to its central location like Rümelinsplatz, it is unattractive to pedestrians, the Committee on Environment, Transport and Energy (UVEK) wrote in its report.

Jinkus could not survive the construction work unscathed

In the future, the square should invite people to stay, gastronomy to use them and be available to everyone without steps. So far, so good. However, the plan to replace the two existing ginkgo trees with three filament trees has caused significant criticism and opposition. The Lääbe County Assembly in the inner city resists.

Emmanuel Troup, head of the Basel City Nursery, explained to bz: He doubts ginkgo will survive the change unscathed. Deadwood formation can also be observed in the treetops of the two trees, indicating a lack of supply.

Linden was rescued by Yufk and council member

Government consultant and construction manager Esther Keeler (GLP) defended the project in the Grand Council. Rümelinsplatz now doesn’t have the quality of being there. But we only touch the pitches when renovation is needed.” Together with UVEK, it has now been carefully considered how to upgrade the box.

More benches, no more steps: This is what Rümelinsplatz should look like after the remodeling.

More benches, no more steps: This is what Rümelinsplatz should look like after the remodeling.

Visualization: zvg / Canton Basel-Stadt

It regrets that trees have fallen victim to the project. “Four trees should have been cut down first, but the two linden trees are now left and the ginkgo is replaced by three. The vault:

“Sometimes it makes sense to remove a tree and plant new ones.”

Unholy alliance of two ginkgo

“Give these two ginkgoes a chance. Planning takes that thinking from the tree. That is why you reject this deal,” says Oliver Thommen (GAB) in his vote as spokesperson for the parliamentary group. The conversion must be designed to be compatible with these creatures, trees are not garden benches.

The Ginkgoians even made an unholy alliance at the Great Council: the first vice president also criticizes the felling of trees. “We reject the deal,” said group spokesman Pete Schaller. “The government should allow the ginkgo trees to live and give up extra bike parking spaces.” But the party satisfied with the rest of the advice.

“Let’s not waste tax money unnecessarily”

“where is the problem?” asks Brigitte Kohn, a GLP consultant. Thanks to the current project, there will be more trees in the yard in the future, and the transformation is the result of many years of work and extensive discussions. Con: “The additional four rope trees provide more shade and bind more CO2 Like ginkgo. It also grows faster and is more biodiversity friendly. So let’s not waste tax money unnecessarily.” A refusal may delay work by five years or carry out only necessary renovations, which will not make the place more attractive.

The Great Council finally decides against the rejection. Parliament then approved the report by 61 votes to 20 against, with five abstentions.