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The Google Calendar error randomly relies on dates from emails

Really annoying problem currently causing The Google Calendar users flood of new appointment entries: The error ensures that automatic recognition of appointments in emails is flawed, so that almost every email creates a new entry.

This is currently being reported by users all over the world and they are very frustrated. You can find complaints about the problem that suddenly appeared on various forums. Consequently Online magazine 9to5Google The problem seems to have been known since December 23rd.

First, users noticed that they had new appointments in their Google Calendar that didn’t seem to make sense – for example, an entry from newsletters, weather reports, and other emails that didn’t provide any appointment announcements.

This bug appears to be widespread and generates completely random events, often set as all-day events, since Google does not detect timestamps in emails. There is no clear pattern to this error, but it seems that emails with dates could be a trigger, eg “Weather 25 Dec” or “Newsletter 24 Dec”. The reason is not yet known. But there is a temporary solution. Affected Google Calendar users should simply disable the feature temporarily. To do this, select Calendar (on the web), find Google Calendar settings and disable automation.

Temporarily disable the setting

  • Settings > Events from Gmail
  • Turn off “Automatically add events from Gmail to my calendar”.

Are you also affected by this error and wondering what is going on? If you have any other tips for getting rid of spam, please share them with us in the comments.

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