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The gloom of love and tears in the father and son duo

The gloom of love and tears in the father and son duo

Tears and calm in love in “Power, Single, Acted”! Neither father Stefan nor his son Nicola fell in love during the Hofwoche.

The basics in brief

  • Farmer Stefan and his son Nicholas were looking for love on TV.
  • It didn’t work out for either of them.

This was never the case with “Bauer, single, sucht”: for the first time father and son looked at In the same season the great love.

But on the two-week end of the court, the balance is sober. Neither father Stefan, 56, nor his son Nicholas, 29, felt any emotions.

Court Lady Nicole (51 years old) from Bern fell in love with the father of the family. When she confesses her feelings to him, Stefan also becomes emotional.

However, the farmer could not return her feelings. “My head says yes, but my heart says no,” he explains. “And you can’t force feelings.”

Then Nicole left with a sad heart. When we say goodbye, tears flow again.

Are you an emotional person?

“Farmer, single, looking for”: Stefan and Nicholas again share the men’s apartment

Farm week ends on a less emotional note with son Nicholas and son Hoffdam Jimmy (22). After a short conversation, the two agreed: Emotionally, not much happened during the Hofwoche.

Shortly thereafter, Stefan and Nicholas again returned to a men’s-only communal apartment. “But we are still open to a new one the love’ explains the father.

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