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The Geissens: Carmen Geis “topless”

The Geissens: Carmen Geis “topless”

Carmen Jess posts a sexy “topless” photo on Instagram. However, a fan takes a closer look and notices something very strange.

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Carmen Jess pretty much knows how to get her fans to engage with her social media posts. The heroes from “The Geissens – A Very Charming Family” are now on vacation in the Maldives. The 57-year-old had recently posted a video to Instagram in which she gave a brief look at her hotel.

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H2: Carmen Jess: What’s wrong with her toes?

After that we went to the pool. Here then Carmen undressed, hiding her bust size behind her hands for the position. However, this may have drawn attention to other – less structured – parts of the picture. Because one fan comments with an eagle eye in the second photo: “What happened to the toes?”

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And indeed, the foot looks a little strange – the transition from one leg is much narrower than the other, the ankle seems to be crushed by something. But the strangest thing is the toes that stick out at an unnatural angle. Since Carmen is in the pool here, one can now assume that this is an optical illusion due to the reflection.

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However, Jess’s wife admitted that this strange mutilation was her fault. In the comments, she admitted that she “straightened” her toes in the photo. So you don’t have to worry about this being a medical emergency, fortunately.