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Der Garagenkomplex an der Leipziger Straße umfasst beide Uferbereich der Klinke und soll künftig als Grünfläche öffentlich genutzt werden können.

The garages are located in the green spaces

Magdeburg – Everything is already contractually regulated. The city acquired the area accessible via Leipziger Strasse (Leipziger Strasse district) and a total of 48 garages in the area between Humboldtstrasse and Leipziger Strasse from the owner, Housing Association (Wobau) Magdeburg, in October 2020. 17 garages were already empty at this time Users of garages that were still leased by Wobau were terminated at the end of last year. This stems from a statement issued by the administration at the request of city councilor Anke Jäger (Die Linke).

Alternative parking spaces will be provided in an urban area on Helle Straße (near Magdeburger Ring), less than 300 meters from the garage yard.

No need for a new stadium

Why this effort? The acquired property will be developed as a public green area. “The focus remains on making the latch tangible,” says the city administration. It is not currently clear what form we can stay here. Because according to the concept of the city playground, there is no additional need for the surrounding residential area, that is, there are enough public playing areas in the area. The aim of the Stadtgarten und Friedhöfe Magdeburg (SFM) is to find out “to what extent recreational uses can and should be established here, also against the background that this is a potential offsetting area and that large old trees are already in place”, says von management.

Tenants hope for an opportunity to buy

It is already clear that a public road along the Klinke River cannot be constructed with a “professionally constructed path” – nor does the space on the site provide for that. In addition, the construction of the road will go hand in hand with a “significant interference with existing tree numbers”. Therefore, during its May meeting, the city council decided to dispense with the creation of a cycle path along the latch.

The garage community hoped that garages could be purchased to the end, but did not find the necessary majority with their demand.