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The Future Games Show is back in March – Gamesaktuell

Spring issue Future Games Show Returns this March with an abundance of some of the year’s most exciting titles, including the upcoming Sega game hyenas And The Stretch: The Telltale Series. The show will feature more than 50 games and there will be some interviews with developers and exclusive content. We can also look forward to several first announcements. If you want to follow the action live, you can March 23, 2023 at 11 p.m Participate in broadcasting on Twitch or Youtube.

The co-moderators this time around are also interesting: The Actors Brianna White and Cody Christian played Aerith and Cloud in the movie Final Fantasy VII Remake And you will host the show together. Briana White also revealed that she’s excited to host the show alongside Kodi Christian. Daniel Dawkins, Director of Games Content at Future, is looking forward to the event: “We can’t wait to share our first showcase of the year, which features a carefully curated mix of the most exciting and innovative multi-platform games of the year to come.” From PC to consoles to VR titles, everything will be represented.