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The four signs of the zodiac are particularly sensitive

Sensitive people are not only concerned with what they do, but are primarily concerned with the well-being of friends and family. So they are very interested in gestures and words. Nothing is further from the following zodiac signs than hurting the feelings of others.

Horoscope 2022: These four zodiac signs are especially sensitive

The scorpion

This zodiac sign can hardly be seen in the cards and does not like to reveal her feelings. But Scorpios are very committed to their loved ones – it is very important to him that everyone does well. This also includes colleagues and employees, because satisfied people prefer to come to work.

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Taurus is itself very sensitive and therefore sensitive to its environment. Above all, the people he takes seriously benefit from his care and a strong shoulder to lean on. This zodiac sign also has a great sense of justice, which is why it’s a pro-equality.


When you have heartache and fears, the best thing to do is call your friends who are Cancer zodiac sign. This sensitive zodiac sign always has an open ear and always tries to help with their friendly nature. With great empathy, Cancer always finds the right words.


Libra always strives for balance. It has a special antenna for a special mood – if Libra notices disharmony, it immediately tries to smooth out the waves. In a tense atmosphere, this zodiac sign simply does not feel comfortable.