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The former US Secretary of State has demanded that the United States recognize Taiwan

Former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has argued that Taiwan should be recognized. This is a “necessary and long overdue” step.

Briefly essentials

  • Former United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has visited Taiwan.
  • There he called on the United States to recognize the Democratic Island Republic.
  • The Communist leadership in Beijing considers Taiwan only part of the People’s Republic.

During a visit to Taiwan Former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo In order to establish diplomatic relations with the United States Democratic Island Republic Used.

In a speech in Taipei on Friday, Pompeo said the U.S.Government Take the “necessary and long-delayed” step and grant Taiwan recognition as a “free and sovereign nation”.

Pompeo, who met with Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen the previous day, said it was “about recognizing the reality that it is wrong.” “There is no need to declare independence because Taiwan is already an independent country.”

Pompeo was one of several former US foreign and defense leaders visiting Taiwan this week amid Russia’s occupation of Ukraine. However, no one went so far as to demand US diplomatic recognition for Taiwan. On the contrary, they opposed unilateral change in the current situation.

Beijing threatens victory

The Communist leadership in Beijing threatens to see the island of independence as only part of the People’s Republic. With a win. Earlier, former US Commander-in-Chief Mike Mullen reaffirmed US obligations to Taiwan, led by a delegation. Maintaining peace and security in the Taiwan Strait will not only benefit the interests of the United States but also the interests of the world.

The United States is committed to Taiwan’s defense capability and supplies arms. Previous U.S. administrations have been open about whether to come to the island’s military aid during an offensive to block Beijing. But US President Biden said in October that the United States had a “duty” to do so.

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