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The former “Suits” castmate talks about her wedding!

The former “Suits” castmate talks about her wedding!

Very few people missed this royal event: the wedding of Prince Harry (39 years old) and Meghan Markle (42 years old).

But for some, May 19, 2018 was not only remembered positively. Among the 600 invited guests were Meghan Markle's former 'Suits' castmates.

This also applies to Rick Hoffman (53 years old), who played the lawyer in the series. On the Chicks in the Office podcast he recently talked about that day at Windsor Castle.

“When I was on set, I just thought, ‘Wow.’ “You had the feeling of being in another century,” he says excitedly at first. But then the actor opens up to something that’s never happened before.

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Hoffman reveals: “Suddenly a bad smell appeared in the church…” and he does not skimp on the details: “I sat (…) and after a while it started to smell bad.”

His mood seems to be going down. “Someone had incredibly bad breath, but it was more than just one person. And the smell came in my direction. At least that's what it felt like,” he continues, turning away from the skin.

His disgusted expression spread at that time.

It seems that the other guests around him do not want to know about this unpleasant atmosphere: “The others did not smell anything. No one moved. But it bothers me and I feel a little uncomfortable because I am very sensitive when it comes to cleanliness.”

As InStyle reported, scented candles and room sprays were used in the church to mitigate odors. However, this method apparently did not work for Hofmann's nose.

No matter how difficult it was for Meghan Markle's colleague, there was no option for another seat in the church.

“It lasted 1.5 hours. “At some point it was like it entered my body,” he recalls. “I asked myself how I could get out of there. I didn’t want people to think that was me. I’m very picky about things like that.”