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The former CS analyst is affiliated with FTX Inner-Circle

The former CS analyst is affiliated with FTX Inner-Circle

Crypto lavender crash acceleration. FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried arrived last night at one A prison in the Bahamas. This is where the cryptographer lived with his “disciples”.

The arrest was made at the request of the United States. Their authorities want to release the indictment against the 30-year-old today local time, whose $32 billion crypto empire collapsed at record speed.

According to the appointed liquidator The FTX house collapsed due to the “absolute concentration of control in the hands of a very small group of inexperienced and inexperienced individuals”.

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A 28-year-old woman belongs to this ‘inexperienced and naive’ inner circle around the charismatic Bankman Fried Former CS Analyst: Constance Wang.

“Open to New Opportunities” was printed today at the top of her LinkedIn site. Under “Professional Experience,” a finance woman from Singapore listed two years at Credit Suisse, most recently as “Analyst, APAC Risk and Controls.”

In the summer of 2018, I moved to a company in Singapore, where I only stayed for a while. In March 2019, she joined FTX as Chief Operating Officer.

In January of this year, Bankman-Fried named the young financial woman the “Co-CEO” of “FTX Digital Markets”. Asians retained this position until September 2022.

Location: Bahamas. Where the FTX crowd has been celebrating – and Bankman-Fried is now awaiting delivery to the US.

This spring I gave Constance Wang Interview on the sidelines of the conference.

“We struggled to stand out from the crowd,” she said, seven months before FTX became a giant house of cards. “We are trying hard to expand our user base everywhere.”