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The first heat wave reaches 35 degrees! Desert wind sweeps Europe – meteorologist

It will migrate a low pressure area from the Mediterranean Sea towards Poland on Thursday. In the forefront, it absorbs warm air from the south and thus leads to a significant increase in temperature from Italy to Ukraine.

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Additionally, Sirocco is set due to this current. These hot winds, which blow from North Africa towards the Mediterranean to Italy and Greece, carry desert dust in their bags.

Sirocco brings clouds, but no rain

The Khamaseen wind absorbs moisture on its way through the Mediterranean, which often depreciates as precipitation accumulates in the Mediterranean countries. Only the next week the moisture is sufficient to form clouds and they are usually dry. It could rain a little more north in northern Italy and on the Croatian coast in the coming days.

High temperature at the end of the week

At the start of the week, temperatures in Italy are still in the long-term average range. In the northern Balkans it is cooler than usual.

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On Wednesday, temperatures are already rising in Greece. On Thursday, the warm air will also advance north. Then above average temperatures are reached from Italy and Greece to southern Germany.

The big race on Sunday

The temperature difference increases more on Friday and Saturday. The flow of warm air is diverted to the east by the low pressure zone rail. In Italy, temperatures will drop again on Saturday. In Greece, Turkey and Romania, on the other hand, temperatures rise to around 15 degrees above average. This means that 35 degrees can be reached in Greece on Sunday. At the start of the week the temperatures were still 20 degrees, maximum.

35 degrees in April is exceptional even for Greece. Especially this year, as the temperatures there have been very cold until now.

The noticeable rise in temperatures in Greece shows that the outbreak of warm air from the south is getting stronger. It is only a matter of time before the warm air masses are someday destined for Germany.

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