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The first forensic tool to crack the security of the Apple T2 chip on a Mac

Apple’s T2 security chip has so far provided strong encryption, which also made it difficult for authorities and hackers to circumvent the security hurdle. But now there is the first forensic tool that can also read T2 passwords.

Passware has announced the first tool that can crack passwords on Macs using Apple’s T2 security chip. This is now reporting it Online magazine 9to5Mac. Investigative authorities around the world can order the tool from Passware for just under $2000. For this amount, the buyer then receives updates for a year. According to the software developer, the tool is used to recover passwords and is available for both Windows and macOS. To be able to use it, you need direct access to the Target System. The Mac to be jailbroken must be connected via USB-C or Thunderbolt cable Be connected to the computer on which the forensic tool is running.

The Passware “Forensic T2 Add-on” is available to law enforcement agencies and other types of government organizations. Private companies with “legitimate business needs,” Passware writes, can also apply for the tool. All orders are subject to verification by Passware. The company wants to prevent its software from falling into the wrong hands.

dictionary attack

The fact that the forensic tool can be implemented is due to a vulnerability in T2 that makes it possible to bypass lock analysis. This allows the tool to perform a so-called dictionary attack with known passwords. However, this takes time. According to the developers, 15 passwords are scanned per minute until you get a result. The chip usually blocks the method used by the forensic tool entirely — but the security hole allows you to bypass a Mac’s lock when passwords are entered in bulk.

with switch to file an Apple The T2 chip has also been removed from the M processors. This means that newer Macs cannot be hacked with the tool.