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The final fall episode of Tools Up!  Garden Party, couch co-op DLC, ready to harvest

The final fall episode of Tools Up! Garden Party, couch co-op DLC, ready to harvest

All in! Games proudly announce the release of Episode 3: Home Sweet Home, the final fall chapter of DLC-Reihe Tools Up! garden party From developer The Knights of Unity. The final installment of the first downloadable content for the popular co-op game contains 15 crisp autumnal levels with new game mechanics and another competitor: the stinking smog.

The new episode is available until September 1 at a 10% discount on Steam and Nintendo Switch. All episodes* of Tools Up! Garden Party is available individually or as a season pass. However, in the case of single purchases, players can only play Episode 3 if they own Episodes 1 and 2.

In addition to the release discount, we’re celebrating the reveal of the final episode of Garden Party with offers for the base game (up to 80% off), the Season Pass (up to 25% off) and a mix of both (up to 50% off) on Steam, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation . There is more information on the site for everyone Offers from all in!.

In Episode 3: Home Sweet Home, there are more adventures in the green area for players, but they have to wear warm clothes because it’s freshening outside! Showers and mists define the afternoon when autumn leaves are being raked and winter vegetables harvested. But there is no time to relax! The stinking smog keeps players on their toes (dancing on their noses, so to speak) and does everything in its foul force to keep them out of their business. Fortunately, players will get a puppy Tools Up Co.

* Tools up! Garden Party is only available for Xbox in the Season Pass. Episodes are not sold separately for Xbox.

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