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The final approval of the Tesla factory is determined in-house >

As part of the 17th pre-approval, Tesla is allowed to install several tanks at the nascent Gigafactory site in Grünheide near Berlin. The Brandenburg Environment Ministry announced this officially on Wednesday – but a day later, much bigger news unofficially surfaced: According to one report, final approval for the Tesla plant is also a final deal and could be given in November.

Tesla’s decision in a small circle?

It was reported that the final approval of Tesla is already confirmed, on Thursday Online Post Business Insider Quoting from several sources in government departments. However, a number of strict requirements are expected. These should relate to the subject of water and potential accidents. According to the report, the decision to approve it “was taken several days ago in a small circle.”

At the request of Business Insider, the Environment Department in Brandenburg maintained its position that Tesla’s requests would not be decided upon until after the completion of an online consultation that began last Friday. Currently, no statements can be made about the outcome, date and content. It gives advice to people and institutions Who filed objections to the Tesla project, Until mid-October to explain it again. This complements the mandatory public participation, and the state office responsible for the environment can make a decision on the Gigafactory after evaluating all objections and feedback, as the ministry previously explained.

In this regard, the Business Insider’s report and the response from the department do not necessarily conflict: the official decision should not have been made because the consultation is not over yet. But nearly 500 pages of brief objections have been known to the Brandenburg authorities for a long time, and in terms of content they should certainly be able to assess whether they pose significant obstacles. In this regard, the reported ‘small circle’ could have come to a conclusion earlier that may have not yet been announced and confirmed.

Gigafactory project requirements

This is also supported by the fact that, according to Business Insider, some additional requirements for Tesla have already been identified. It should be about dealing with water and potential accidents – both topics that have been brought up for a long time Proceeding with the Gigafactory is a problem proven. In addition, every other pre-approval, including the latest approval issued for the tanks, means that the relevant authorities still see good prospects for obtaining blanket approval. According to the Ministry of Environment 13 official bodies had finally announced by mid-SeptemberThey generally have no concerns.