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The Federal Council wants a quick decision on possible Putin sanctions

The Federal Council wants a quick decision on possible Putin sanctions

The Federal Council wants to decide “as soon as possible” whether Switzerland will accept EU sanctions against Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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The Federal Council is considering measures against Russian President Vladimir Putin and Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. According to the Department of Economics, the Federal Council wants to make a decision “as soon as possible”.

Do you support taking further action against Russia or not? The question is whether and how the Swiss government will handle the imposition of EU sanctions on the Russian head of state. Whether there will be further adjustments to existing sanctions remains open, the Federal Administration for Economics, Education and Research (EAER) told Keystone-SDA news agency on Saturday, upon request. “The situation is being continuously analyzed,” he added.

Switzerland adopted some of the first sanctions directly imposed by the European Union on Friday. EAER has amended the provisions to avoid circumventing international sanctions in the Ukraine dispute accordingly. 363 people and 4 companies have been added to the relevant sanctions list.

Swiss financial companies should not do any new business with these. Assets already in place must be immediately reported to the federal government. The people on the list are no longer allowed to enter Switzerland.

The European Union imposed new sanctions on Saturday evening. These are intended to cause significant damage to Russia and its economy. For example, refinancing options for the state, banks and selected private companies will be restricted. In addition, the European Union issued export restrictions on strategically important goods.

In addition, the European Union has put Putin and Lavrov on its own sanctions list. The Foreign Ministry in Moscow said the two had no accounts in the West. The United States and Britain also imposed sanctions on Putin and Lavrov.

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