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The FBI campaign may speed up the announcement of Trump’s candidacy for 2024

‘Mar-o-Lago delivery would be brutal’ – FBI raid could hasten Trump presidency announcement

Trump vows revenge against Biden, Obama and Clinton

The FBI raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate appears to be giving the former US president some wind. A political conspiracy is being ignited in the United States, and Trump’s poll numbers are rising. He has his party firmly under control. Will he soon announce his candidacy for 2024?


Former US President Donald Trump has good reasons to rub his hands.

Former US President Donald Trump, 76, has offered what may be the most direct signal yet to run for the White House again. On his Truth Social, Trump posted a comment title by the celebrity The Wall Street Journal: “The Mar-o-Lago delivery would be brutal.” Conservative columnist Kimberly Strassel (50) wrote in the comment that the Democrats used the Department of Justice and the FBI. This will retaliate when the Republicans regain control of the US Federal Department and Police.

The motive: the FBI raid on Trump’s Mar-o-Lago estate on August 8th. US authorities wanted to find secret documents or incriminate Trump. Millions of Americans suspect that there is a political motive behind the unprecedented search for their homes. It wasn’t just the first crackdown on a former president in US history. No prosecutor has ever authorized a raid on a former president’s home. The White House denies knowing anything about her.