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The fan reveals the concept of a remake of Unreal Engine 5

The fan reveals the concept of a remake of Unreal Engine 5

From Rhonda Bachmann
YouTube channel “TeaserPlay” once again shows a new concept of the game based on the recently released Unreal Engine 5, this time for the racetrack, because the favorite game is Need for Speed ​​Most Wanted, which was released in 2012.

YouTube channel “TeaserPlay” once again shows a new video based on Unreal Engine 5. Epic released the final version of its engine in April. Since then, fans have been happy to show off their own concepts of how they imagined to complement popular games or remake old classics using existing Epic tools. “TeaserPlay” has now taken on Need for Speed ​​Most Wanted by Criterion Games and Electronic Arts.

YouTuber shows a game from 2012 in Unreal Engine 5

TeaserPlay has been showing interesting gaming concepts using Unreal Engine 5 for some time now. A clip was recently uploaded showing how call of duty 2 remake can look. Before that, there was something for Grand Theft Auto fans to see. Show “TeaserPlay” A Concept Remake of GTA 3.

The channel has now entered the 2012 released racing game Need for Speed ​​Most Wanted. The roughly two-minute clip shows the races between chrome-plated Porsches and shiny, albeit flawed, street racers. Cars race over the asphalt heated by the sun. In other scenes, tram rails twinkle.

However, the YouTube channel “TeaserPlay” isn’t the only channel that has tackled the popular racing series from Electronic Arts. YouTube user “ENFANT TERRIBLE”, known for its concepts, recently showed off a new video with Unreal Engine 5. With Imagine Need for Speed ​​Most Wanted 2 The channel showed what the sequel to the popular racing game could look like.