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The famous chef from Great Britain shows how this is done

AThe morning before the meeting, Nigella Lawson greets them Daily telegram. Above, below the latest developments in Afghanistan, the newspaper British “famous chef” has renamed one of his classic recipes. “Slut Red Raspberry in Sardon Jelly” is now called “Ruby Red Raspberry in Sardon Jelly”. “Slut” (pitch) has had a “rough, average meaning” for the past twenty years, adding an elegant photo quoting the paper chef. One wonders: If the name change of an old dessert recipe was transformed into the main news column of a digital daily newspaper – yes, you are obviously dealing with a real celebrity.

“Oh what,” Nicola Lawson waves, arranging the cutlery in front of her plate and expressing a mischievous smile. “It reflects what our magazine became.” Nicola Lawson is the perfect star: successful, beautiful, educated and, in the English way, humble. “Nigella” is very popular in the kingdom, she has already been included in some articles Lady D. Compared – the only woman who does not need a last name to identify. When asked about this, she again finds an elegant way: “I don’t even need a surname in kindergarten – it’s just my ridiculous first name.”

“I’m not a person for small areas”

A pizza is already in front of us, pre-cut into six pieces. Nigella apologizes that she is always a little impatient while eating. Your conversation partner should choose the next course, but he or she should be guided by an experienced hand. Nickelo has known “Cafe River” since its opening in 1987. He wrote the first review again as an observer. Foods are selected quickly, and she advises that each should be shared.

Good old lunch is really a little fashionable in busy, healthy London, yet lunch eaters usually leave it in the salad. Not Nicola. The fig salad comes with a lobster, then a lobster penne and a large plate of vitello donuto. “I’m not a person for small portions, even if I eat less now than I was before,” he says. “A friend said recently, however, that I still eat more than a normal person.”