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The family gets golf ball damage

The family gets golf ball damage

A family in the US state of Massachusetts can only dream of this safe distance from the golf course (icon).
Image: Max Kesberger

In the United States, a family living next door to a golf club has been awarded $ 3.5 million in damages for golf balls repeatedly damaging their home’s windows.

EA country club in Massachusetts owes nearly $ 5 million to a family affected by golf balls in recent years. In court, Athena and Eric Tensor said the couple lived in constant fear. Since buying a house near the Indian Bond Country Club in Kingston in 2017, his property has reportedly been hit by more than 700 golf balls.

Some left teeth in the facade, smashed through windows or crashed into three daughters’ play equipment. “We’re nervous. The whole thing is very difficult for us,” said Tensor, 43, of the Boston Globe newspaper.

His children, aged two to five, wear bicycle helmets while playing in the garden to protect themselves from golf ball injuries. An arbitral tribunal awarded Tensor and his family $ 3.5 million in damages. In addition, the Country Club owes them more than $ 1.4 million in interest. The private club has now moved the tea to the 15th hole in the back arch of the house and appealed.