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The euthanasia bill sinks in the French National Assembly – Brenza Latin

The parliamentary committee Liberties and Territories was only yesterday to deliver a speech promoted by Deputy Oliver Florni, an initiative to divide the political forces in Palacio de Bourbon.

In a debate that passed at midnight, legislator Guillo Chiche amended Article 1, which was dedicated to ‘active medical assistance to death’, by 48 votes to 240.

Five delegates from the Los Republican Party (traditional right) introduced more than two thousand of the three thousand amendments in the chamber, which no doubt made it impossible to carry out a project.

According to this plan, any person of legal ability and legal age can decide to end his or her life if a serious and incurable disease occurs which is considered unbearable and there is no real way to alleviate it.

According to Florini, this initiative reflects the high personal liberty of the French, a criterion with many opponents in the National Assembly, with arguments ranging from philosophy to ethics and to man.

Florni and other defenders of the text denounced Palacio de Bourbon as “an interruption.”

The government has recently estimated that this is not the time for a debate on euthanasia, given that the fight against the Covit-19 epidemic, which has killed nearly 100,000 people in France over the past 13 months, is a priority.

In addition to the project in question, some others sought to overturn the Glaze-Leonetti Act of 2016, which recognizes ‘deep and continuous anesthesia’ for certain diseases.

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