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Bei dem Spiel Dänemark gegen Finnland bei der Fußball-EM 2021 im Juni ist der dänische Nationalspieler Christian Eriksen auf dem Feld zusammengebrochen.

The Euro 2021 meltdown: Eriksen comments – sports news on ice hockey, winter sports and more

Danish footballer Christian Eriksen spoke for the first time in an interview about his breakdown at EM 2021.


04.01.2022 | Status: 6:57 PM

Danish footballer Christian Eriksen thanked him for global sympathy in his first interview after his collapse at last summer’s European Championship. In an article published on Tuesday, Eriksen said: “It was unbelievable that so many people felt the need to write to me or give me flowers. It affected so many people – and they wanted to show it to me and my family. It makes me happy.” An interview with the Danish TV presenter DR1.

Eriksen collapses on the pitch in the 2021 European Football Championship

The 29-year-old midfielder collapsed on the pitch in Copenhagen on June 12, 2021 during the European Championship group match against Finland and had to be resuscitated. Even when he was in the hospital, countless fans brought flowers for days. “It was weird because I didn’t expect people to send me flowers because I had been dead for five minutes,” said Eriksen, who had the defibrillator implanted. This recognizes arrhythmias and releases emergency shocks. (Also read: Eriksen gets an ICD defibrillator after a meltdown)

He is deeply affected because many people are concerned about him and his health and still do. Eriksen, who had to terminate his contract with Inter Milan, said: “It was extraordinary. It was a huge support for me to get all the sympathy. And people are still texting me. I thanked everyone and I want to thank everyone.” In Italy, no athlete is allowed to play with a pacemaker. How will his open career continue.

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